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Confirmed Bigger House

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It's coming....

WTKA is reporting on their hourly sports updates that the Board of Regents approved today the $227 million plan to renovate Michigan Stadium. Additionally, I believe, there was also a proposal to build a new baseball stadium, which I gather was also approved.

Details about the football stadium renovations here

A rendering of the proposed renovation

What jumps out at me is this:

The favored plan, revealed to The Ann Arbor News on Thursday in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, includes 83 luxury suites and other premium seating in two structures that would dominate the east and west sidelines of the bowl-shaped stadium. The two structures would rise to a height of 82 feet above the concourse, 7 feet higher than the scoreboards in either end zone. The changes would also boost seating capacity slightly, from 107,501 to 108,335.

Think about that. 7 feet higher than the scoreboards. This is going to be monumentally huge.

The article ends with this gem of a quote from Martin:

"The quality of the product and the experience will clearly be enhanced,'' Martin said. "The important thing is that every person in that stadium will feel and experience the difference, whether it's getting up and going to the rest room and getting a hot dog, or whether it's a couple of inches of additional butt room at that November game where everybody's wearing heavy coats and there isn't much room. Those are the things I care passionately about.''

Really, Mr. Martin? Is that what you care about? Or is it the "those folks who want to pay for a premium seat"? This proposal does nothing to make Michigan Stadium and Michigan football games more accessible to those who aren't financially affluent. The seating capacity doesn't significantly increase, thus not matching up with the astronomical demand for season tickets. And the increases seem to only be in the most expensive bracket of stadium seating.

I don't know. I just don't go crazy with joy about this when all is said and done. Construction will not begin until after the 2007 season, and will be completed for 2010, so we're going to have over a year to think about it, and then about two years to watch it go down. I'm thrilled that the basic problems like aisle widths and concessions and restrooms and such will be addressed, but I wish they would address those problems first, and then worry about these monstrous luxury amenities.

What say you, readers?

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